Reuniting unclaimed assets with their rightful owners

Due to a variety of causes (moving, company acquisitions, relatives passing away, etc.), many people have money that they don't know about.  
We connect people with their assets and handle the red tape to have the funds/property released to them as quickly as possible.






Asset Recovery Overview


There are many reasons why assets and other funds end up unclaimed, or in dormant accounts. We specialize in finding such assets and locating the individual, company, or other entity to which the funds belong. Sometimes, we are asked to find an asset or funds that someone thinks needs to be recovered. Usually, though, we find the funds by reviewing literally tens of thousands of government records and then using various resources to locate the owner.


Often, many years have passed since the asset "went missing." During that time, companies have moved, changed names, been acquired, or gone out of business. For individuals, people have moved, divorced, remarried or died. When we discover that the rightful owner has died, we try to determine the identity of the heirs and secure the release of the assets for their benefit.

"My wife and I lost this money years ago to a financial planner who failed to fulfill his promises to us when we "invested" money with him. We thought the money was long gone, however, you recovered several thousand dollars for us and we are grateful for your good work."

 - Stanley (New York, NY)