Asset Recovery

"Bill, thanks for finding more than $35,000 for me. This is money that I didn't realize existed and had been idle for more than 10 years! I'm retired and never imagined having this kind of money dropped in my lap. At first I was skeptical, but there was no risk whatsoever for me to let you go to work on my behalf. You did everything you said you would do. That's refreshing in this day and age. You even walked documents through both courts and several government departments which released the money faster."

- Susan (Stamford, CT)

"I want to thank you so much for your work on my behalf in claiming these funds. I know I have said it before, and more than once, but this means so very much to me at this time. I will highly recommend you to any who are in need of such services in the future.."
- James (Cleveland, OH)

"When you contacted me, I had already tried unsuccessfully to recover this money about 5 years before,
and I no longer had any of the documentation. You told me that you'd like to try at no risk to me. 
I'm thankful that you were successful in recovering over $4,000 for me.

Thomas (Atlanta, GA)

"My husband is 94 and I am in my late 80s. I can't believe you found $32,400 for us. Even when you handed me the United States Treasury check, I couldn't believe my eyes. You really made a difference for us.
- Barbara (Chicago, IL)


"My wife and I lost this money years ago to a financial planner who failed to fulfill his promises to us when we "invested" money with him. We thought the money was long gone, however, you recovered several thousand dollars for us and we are grateful for your good work."

- Stanley (New York, NY)